IF distribution

IF distribution system on smatv network. dstv communal system serves over 50 housing apartments , we made semi detached mini distribution on each block to, amplify the signals. over 15 mini blocksRead More…


Fibre installation

Fibre installation on over 300 units in one central housing estate, one central dish was sent up and fibre run to each block ,


4 Quadrants

Dstv communal installation on normal four quadrant installation. this was set up for 44 units, running four cables to each unit. systems is so stable and can support four single decoder inRead More…


Fiber Hybrid dstv

Dstv communal installation on a fiber hybrid installation. set up is cheaper and reliable, each block is independent on its own hybrid system


Designers of communal systems

A communal dstv installation design system. We design systems depending on the project or the housing estate plan. at time we go purely on fiber or rely on dstv hybrid sytems,. WeRead More…


Video on demand

we cover video on demand on communal installation , We can broadcast stations ” cctv for the complex, advertisements for the estate, estate news “to each apartment and at the same timeRead More…