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Dstv e48-32 , there is no signal due to bad weather or a faulty connection hot to fix and clear FORUM


Dstv e48-32 error, do you have the same error on your TV like me, i am sure you are looking for a way to solve this problem with this dstv error you wont be able to view channels on your dstv decoder or Explora.. i have attached a picture to show you how the error will look like on your TV screen but by now you should know.

What can we do to solve or fix this type of problem.

I will help assist you on some issues in this topic ,  but first of all do you know what this error means,  i will explain in my next paragraph

Dstv e48 32 is more like a code used by dstv to show that there is a fault and the decoder is not getting any signal from the satellite dish . Error is caused by many issues, but it doesn't mean that there is rain so you got this error.

post your comments here and i will give you more information on how to try resolve this issue.
This is an e48-32 blog, click on the link to go and find out more on how to solve this problem . We have highlighted all the information needed about this kind of problem.

Post your comments here and we shall reply back with some help or other users and dstv subscibers will help you.

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Error e4-83, No signal

Notification   E48-32

There is no signal this may be due to bad weather or a faulty connection in the installation.

Posts on error e48-32  dstv from other users

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19 thoughts on “Dstv E48-32 fix and how to clear forums ~ 0110838281

  1. Ek benodig hierdie dstv e48 -32 regtig vinnig, dit is belaglik wat kan ek doen, kan ek ‘n installeerder in alberton kry

  2. This is how i got rid of the same error, i plugged the cable out at the back of the decoder and inserted it back, i also turned it off from the mains power and reboot the decoder, and hoollla its done.

    1. Thank you lorain its has worked like a charm, thanks alot i can watch my dstv again. good night guys

    2. i have tried , the error e48-32 error goes away for some time and then restarts after some time, could it be another problem with my decoder, but thanks , some channels are showing

  3. I leave in sandton, i have this same error it says no signal due to weather problems, but the sky is clear, this is rediculous, can any one help me toclear this annoying issue

  4. Finally a place where i can ask about this annoying issue , i pay for my subscription and i get this dstv error e48-32, wat is this

  5. Ngicela ungisize, i-dstv yami ibonisa dstv e48-32 futhi ngingazi ukuthi kwenzekani. Nginama tv amabili kodwa enye ibonisa kanti enye ayikho

  6. i have three dstv decoders on triple view, all of them show dstv e48-32 , could it be a problem from dstv or its my home setup that is faulty.
    i leave in Randburg can any one assist me

  7. E48 – 32 error message since Friday 20 June. As it was bit windy I thought is was due to weather in Cape Town.
    Saturday morning I switched on and same error message appeared. Called the service desk, did the whole ten yards of unplugging etc. Was told to have the decoder tested. Tested 100%. Reconnected, but error message still appeared. Switched off and unplugged everything until 7pm. Reconnected and everything worked fine.
    Sunday morning same error message. Switched off and unplugged everything again until 11am. Reconnected and everything fine.
    Monday evening same error message, switched off etc, reconnected etc, it worked again.
    What could be the problem?

    1. Good day Mickey, is this a dstv in a coomunal complex or its a residential installation. dstv e48-32 on communal dish systems can be a complex isssue to solve since its headend with the problems at times, please advise us accordingly and we shall see hoe to resolve this e48-32 issue for you

  8. Goodday I have two Explora 2 decoders installed in a single townhouse complex with my own Space dish and one LNB. Main and secondary for extra view. On the main decoder, I get the E48-32 error, but only at some times, when I change channels. The secondary decoder works perfectly. What could be the issue?

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