Communal dstv dish settings explained : So you have bought a DSTV explora, with all the excitement , its not working with your installation and it shows Dstv error e48-32,

I will try to assist and help you but most times you will need a dstv accredited installer to assist you as the installation of the house  might need to be upgraded. scroll down to see the settings in print or download the image on the right and print

These settings will work on sigle cable SMATV communal dish installation types only you can identify these by there single plug

Below are the dstv communal dish settings in print

11594 V 5/6 DVB-S
10970V 5/6 DVB-S
11130 V 5/6 DVB-S
11090 V 5/6 DVB-S
11634 V 5/6 DVB-S
11010 V 5/6 DVB-S
11474 5/6 DVB-S       change to 10930
11010 H 5/6 DVB-S   change to 11250
11170 H 5/6 DVB-S   change to 11410
11130 H 5/6 DVB-S   change to 11370
11050 H 5/6 DVB-S   change to 11290
11554 V 2/3 DVB-S2
11090 H 5/6 DVB-S   change to 11330
11514 H 2/3 DVB-S2 change to 10890
11554 H 2/3 DVB-S2 change to 10850
11594 H 5/6 DVB-S   change to 10810
11674 H 5/6 DVB-S   change to 10770
10970 H 5/6 DVB-S  change to 11210
11634 H 2/3 DVB-S2 change to 10730
11050 V 2/3 DVB-S2
12593 H 1/2 DVB-S
11674 V 2/3 DVB-S2

dstv communal dish settings

11 thoughts on “Dstv explora settings on communal dish

  1. Mwaah. helped as a charm, but however can you please make an illustration with a video, it will make this a very great post. and we can even understand better. i will really appreciate, this took my husband along time to figure out.

  2. This blog was really a very big help to me, it saved me thousands of rands for calling in a technician, this company is a thumbs up

  3. Why is it that some of my dstv communal settings show transponder binding failed. after i can recieve some of the channels and others are not.

  4. Thank you so much for this post, All my channels are working fine, its a great post and surely it was of great help, keep it up

  5. i live in an apartment with a communal dish and managed to change all the said frequencies and got most of my channels working however my explora 3 has 3 extra frequencies which i didnt find the binding frequencies for, these are 11768 H 30000 2/3 11728 H 30000 2/3 and 11808 H 30000 2/3

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