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Dstv searching for no signal problems can really be a pain when you turn on your dstv decoder. most dstv decoders will stop at step 3 of 4, at this point if your dstv stops here you must know that something is wrong with your dstv signal or installation. at most times the dstv explora or decoder will show  e48-32..

This mostly happens when you leave in a complex or after winds, heavy rains and storms.  leave a comment here in our post if you need any support or you can read on our article how to solve dstv e48-32 error. we have highlighted the major causes of this problem, .  Feel free to contact us if u need any more support on dstv searching  for signal.

dstv stuck on step 3 of 4, function cannot be performed _ E48-32

no signal

Dstv No Signal - e48 32

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9 thoughts on “Dstv searching no signal and step 3 of 4 fix it ~ 0110541680

  1. ooooohhhhh myyyyyyyyy gooooooooood , dstv stuck at no signal , i need to watch my tv tonight, i need help. my dstv show no signal problems this is the 3rd time its showing this can any one here help me

  2. Any one here having the same problem, searching for signal , i have a dstv explora pvr the old one, it seems like its a bit old but its been working for ages and now out of no where it suddenly searching for signal, ineed some answers or i will stop my dstv services

  3. My dstv is searching for signal but ever since its on it cant pass this point, could there be any problems with my deocoder, i had some guys come over at my house for painting at the back of the tv wall , can you please assist me , i don’t know what to do.

  4. Thank you so much i followed your article , tried all i could, but the tech guy on your online chat gave me more help, its now working. big up

  5. iam stuck at step 3 of 4 , i just bought the dstv decoder i leave in a complex , i have looked at my neighbours decoder and i have done the same at my place but still it will not show, can u please send some of your guys to assist me or help me,

  6. My dstv requested wizard installation out of the blue. And now I can’t complete the process because every time I press step 5 it say this function cannot be processed due to poor signal.

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