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We always ask ourselves what is dstv communal installation. Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers

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A dstv communal system is simply an installation where one dstv dish is installed and signal distributed to all the other residents or units in a complex. installation can include dstv over fibre, dstv over if or SMATV

  • There are so many ways of this kind of installation, it depends on the communal installers design and plan.


There lots of reason why a coomunal dish needs to be  installed, here are just a few

  • Mostly need arises when some buildings need neatness and prevention of drilling everywhere
  • One central dish system is simply way better than having clutter of dish on a building,
  • Simplifies tenants by avoiding to look for installers to put up a dstv dish when they move in and taking it off when moving out.
  • At times different  kind of data can be streamed through the central dish system, ie; cctv footage can be sent to all users,


like you have already imagined , once a central dish fails , all the units or apartments connected also cease to stop working, Most dstv decoders Will give a notification e48-32, no signal due to bad weather or faulty connection

Central dish system can be installed from as much as two units to over 1000 units, it only depends on the design and installation type.

A communal dish is a system that uses one dish to send signal to all the units or decoders attached to the installation, basically all units use the signal distributed from this dish,  installations mostly can be found in south africa on dstv and in the uk on sky tv

A dstv multswitch is a converter used to modify signals from two if frequncies to the unicable fomat or SATCR Format, its simply a converter.

Connection of a dstv multiswicth to a communal dish is very simple, if the unit has SAT 1 and SAT 2 ports, connect coaxial cable from here to the HL and VL on the dstv multiswitch, and simply Choose A to connect to your dstv Explora

A communal dstv system is a single dish system that supports dstv users leaving in one complex or estate,

Communal Dstv systems provide a TV signal to every room or property within a building without the need for multiple satellite dishes or digital TV aerials. This kind of installations can be done for business, school, hospital, hotel or other commercial premises

There is a big guarantee on this kind of installation as its always done by experts ,  as they leave no room of error. Satellite dish is so prone to lightening, Installers use Earthing and surge installations

A communal dstv system needs to be installed by an accredited company as it involves calculations and technical know how of frequency distributions, how wever its not so hard to install.

Dstv frequencies are mostly found on smatv installations,  here is a link to the dstv frequencies explained

Error e48-32 on dstv dish simply means your dstv decoder cannot recieve dstv signal from the central dish or the system, fault could be inside the apartment or the communal distribution parts them selves. Dstv e48-32

Please feel free to find dstv at www.dstv.com Telephone 0112892222

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Communal dstv installers can be found almost in all parts of southafrica, however only a few are accredited , But this does not mean that they dont know what they are doing.

Communal dstv installations depend on the technicians know how and how long he has been in the field of installation, Some installers are experts in fiber installations and others experts in SMATV , However We urge all project owners to seek Accredited installation companies . Or give us calls for referral.

Its Simple to register with us as a communal dstv installer, Once approved We shall start forwarding clients to you in areas that we cannot offer the services. Or in instances When some contracts are so small for us and far away, then such will be forwarded to the installers registered with us who is near by.  Know more

Connect an F connector to the cable then Plug the RG-6 coaxial cable to the LNB port at the 90 cm dish assembly, then plug the other end of the cable into the the dish / Unicable point at the back of the DStv satellite receiver that is connected to your television.
Look For the dstv satellite with a dstv meter, angle are 68 degrees east and a slight elevation of 35 to 23,  Lnb skew should be +12

Some channels not working on a dstv communal system show that some thing is faulty either with the system its self or the installation in the apartment could be done wrongly.

Please esnure to connect your decoders in the right ways as different dstv communal system might require the user to set up there decoder with frequencies or by using dstv multiswitches

Dstv equipment for commercial and communal systems can be purchased from us directly, give us a call or email us for quotes on the kind of systems requested,

We have all brands raging from johannsen to spaun and televes products

Dstv Rentals for communal systems can be rented , we provide such services once our contracts are signed , We offer dstv communal rentals for complex and estates in johannesburg only, However there are other companies that provide dstv rentals as Well, See Sky tv

This is abig term in communal installation, the whole system could be down or may be partially, We would recommend you call us or get a dstv accredited installer to check the system installation, E48 on a communal system simply means the system is faulty or having errors in the dstv signal distribution Backbone

dstv no signal

Smart lnb frequency settings on one smart lnb are generally needed if two or more decoders are in one house hold, see picture for settingsexplora lnb settings

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