ovhd installation activation

Having an ovhd decoder , and its giving you problems with activation,

have you used the activation code *120*6843*1# and followed the instructions.

wait for 30 mins, and press the help button on your ovhd remote. check where it say activation status ,

Status should show Active, restart your decoder and that's it you have successfully activated your ovhd decoder

ovhd installers and activations

ovhd activation

3 thoughts on “Ovhd activation installation and troubleshooting ~ 0110541680

  1. help i need to activate my ovhd decoder, how do i get this thing activated, ovhd must help us this is not fair

  2. How do i activate my ovhd decoder, ii have tried the ussd , but still i have no channels, i want to watch my soapies, it was all working well but all of a sudden its not showing

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